The third Virtual Builders Round Table workshop was held at the GSA in
Washington DC on December 5, 2005. This page contains the links to
presentations from this workshop:

  1. VBR December Workshop Agenda
  2. Reflections + Introduction by John Kunz, Stanford University
  3. Reflections + Introduction by John Messner, Penn State University
  4. Constructibility Panel - what we learned about 3D MEP Coordination -
    Dean Reed, Atul Khanzode, DPR Construction, Inc,  and John Mack,
    Southland Industries
  5. Cost Panel - Integrating VDC into Everyday Processes and Projects,
    Mike Kenig, Holder Construction
  6. Cost Panel - 5D Virtual Construction, Dan Gonzales, RQ Construction
  7. Cost Panel - Guaranteeing Project Success - Beck's Technology for
    Defining Coordinated Scope and Budget, Stewart Caroll, Beck Group
  8. Owners Use of Models - The convergence of Virtual Building
    Environments and Data Standards - Andy Fuhrman, OSCRE
  9. Owners Use of Models, GSA's Perspective on Project Delivery :
    Incorporating BIM into Mainstream Projects, Pat Brunner, GSA
  10. Shared Models Panel - A Builders View of Modelling and Collaboration
    through Design and Construction, Jim Brunson, Satterfield and Pontikes
    and David Larrew, Kirksey Architects
  11. The End of Value Engineering: An Architects view of Collaboration, Bruce
    Cousins, Architechnic

The Virtual Builders Round Table was held in Seattle at Lease Crutcher Lewis
Offices on June 13th. This page contains the links to the presentations from the
Round Table.

  1. Overview of Virtual Builders Round Table, Martin Fischer, CIFE Stanford
  2. OSCRE Update: It’s link with the AEC/FM Community and Vision for the
    Virtual Building EnvironmentAndy Fuhrman, OSCRE
  3. Latest VB Development in Finland,  Arto Kiviniemi, VTT Finland
  4. AISC's New Appendix A, Digital Building Product Models, Mark Holland,
    Paxton & Vierling Steel & AISC
  5. Therma’s Design Prefab and Build Approach, Joe Parisi & James King,
  6. Shop Drawings “The Next Generation” and the Kitchen Sink, Eric Moe,
  7. MEP/FP Coordination on a Lean Project Using 3D-4D, Dean Reed, Atul
    Khanzode, DPR
  8. CTRL - When You Cannot Afford to Fail, Andre Koerckel, Strategic
    Project Solutions
  9. Comments by Mike Borzage, Willem Kymmel and Kathleen Liston
  10. Virtual Building at RQ Construction, Daniel Gonzales, RQ Construction
  11. Virtual Building at KPFF Seattle, Jim Swenson & Caroline Weiss, KPFF
  12. Virtual Building at Lease Crutcher Lewis, Chris Raftery, Lease Crutcher
  13. Virtual Building at Turner, Micky Doner, Turner Construction
  14. Virtual Building at Mortenson, Greg Knutson, Mortenson
  15. Closing Comments - Martin Fischer

Round Table Presentations